Membership Eligibility / IOA Registration Form

Membership of the Association shall be opened to male and female of who, at least one parent is from Ikorodu town with traceable history to three generation. Also, membership is opened to a male or female individual married to an indigene of Ikorodu Town.
Full membership shall be by completion of registration formalities as may be prescribe from time to time by the General House and payment of annual subscription fees.

The membership committee shall be competent in all matters relating to admission and termination of a person's membership provided its' recommendation to this effect receives the approval of the General House.

Annual Subscription
Membership annual subscription rate shall be £100.00 per member per year.  Increase in annual subscription rate shall be recommended to the General House by the Executive Council in which decision would be made by the House.
Membership annual subscription can be paid in one lump sum or alternatively in instalments.

The Executive Council may request members to make other contributions in addition to annual subscription from time to time for the smooth running of the Association.
Any member making instalment payment shall not be allowed to make instalment payment longer than the usual
twelve months in a year, or pay less than the minimum balance they would have expected to pay at that time or else will deemed a "defaulting member."

Members' Rights and Duties
Every paid up member has the right to vote and to be voted for, every member who has paid part of the annual subscription fees may receive correspondences which must include a copy of the Association's Constitution and code of Conduct and may demand for Association's Financial Statement and any other official correspondence.

Every member has freedom of speech regarding discussions in the House as long as it is conducted in a responsible manner which would not violate the Code of Conduct and the orderliness on the House.

Members must not misrepresent the Association's image in any form or shape. 

Member should endeavour to be a good ambassador of the Association in all aspect of life by being honest and trustworthy.

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