In 1892 Christianity made an advent into Ikorodu. Late chief Aina Odukanmade (the 1st Mosene) an Iwarefa and one of the most popular and wealthy chiefs with four others welcomed the early missionaries and hoisted the British flag on the soil of Ikorodu. With the backing of the Oloja of Ikorodu, Aina Odubote, Balogun Jaiyesimi and Odukanmade the Lisa of Ikorodu, Christianity started on a good footing. The first church in Ikorodu was the C.M.S. Church, Obun Ale. When the building finally gave way to the evening market, it resurrected on its present location at Ijomu.


The coming of Islam to Ikorodu is not unconnected with the history of slavery in the West African sub-region. The year Samuel Ajayi Crowther regained his freedom from the bondage of slavery, marked a turning point in the history of Ikorodu. Alli who was one of the freed slaves brought the torch of Islam into Ikorodu. On account of his pioneering role in the propagation of Islam, Alli became the first chief Imam of Ikorodu. The first mosque erected in Ikorodu was located at Isele where it stands till today.


During the Agbala war between Ikorodu and the Egbas, Tairu a fiery soldier-scholar versed in the holy, Koran was invited by the people of Ikorodu through Alli Tairu succeeded Alias the next chief Imam.

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